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TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow
"A Tornado destroys everything in its path" © Team Tornado 1999-2016

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**Please read: Statement from Team Tornado re Robot Wars 2016**
Photo Credit - Cliff Hoppitt
Robot Wars
The 6th Wars
UK Champion

Winner of 9 Charity Event trophies

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    FRA World Champs: Seeded, but the event got cancelled...

    Series 7: 3rd overall - from 1st seed, took part in the Third World Championships

    Extreme 2: WINNER European Champion, WINNER and holder of the second Challenge Belt

    Series 6: OVERALL WINNER - Series 6 Grand Champion - from a seeding of 12th!

    Series 5: 12th Seed - we won't mention Diotoir...

    TNN Extreme 2: WINNER International Champion

    Extreme 1: All Stars Runner Up, WINNER and holder of the Challenge Belt, Joint 3rd in the Second World Championships

    Series 4: WINNER Heat F, Joint 5th overall, Joint highest placed non-seed, Highest placed newcomer, Best Newcomer