TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow
Why do we display the "Hands Off
Our Robots" image?

We've had the logo on our website since the early days, when we took the time to think of our own ideas and we didn't want anyone else to steal them. Since then however, things have moved on.

What don't we want you to copy?
We don't want clones of Tornado, or exact copies of our weapons being built. It's not very imaginative just to copy another team's design, and if you do, you're not likely to get on TV with it. All the time we come up with new ideas, and these are precious to us.

What don't we mind you copying?
For instance, we were one of the first teams to

use 36V in the UK, certainly the first to make a point out of it! There's no harm in you making your robot run on 36V either, provided you're doing it because you understand the advantages and disadvantages, but not just because "Tornado do it". What we're happy with you copying is the spirit and philosophy of the idea, not the exact method of execution!

What robot did we copy?
If there's any one robot that influenced the design of Tornado, it is King Buxton. They're both 4WD and boxy in shape, but that's about as far as the similarity goes. We thought about our own internal layout, what we wanted Tornado to do, and how we were going to armour everything. If anything, King Buxton has borrowed a little back from us - I think we're even now!