TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow
This page is a Gallery of the very best images we have of Tornado. There are unedited high resolution options for some of the pictures, but beware, they are big and can take a while to download!

Anti Crusher Weapon - September 2001

Hires Option - 651kbHires Option - 692kb

Hires Option - 555kb
We took these photos of our Anti Crusher Weapon at its first test. Note this is Mk1 (the first version) of the weapon, which was used in TNN Extreme Warriors 2.

Series 5 and Extreme 1 - August 2001 (Elstree)

Hires Option - 461kb

Hires Option - 506kb
These shots were taken before the Series 5 and Extreme 1 filming, at the pits in Elstree studios. Tornado is again looking very neat and tidy, here with the pulley guard and white bottoming feet we added after Earls Court.

Extreme 1 - June 2001 (Earls Court)

Hires Option - 512kbHires Option - 457kb
Tornado in the pits at the first chunk of Extreme 1 filming, at Earls Court. It's all nice and shiny! Note the lack of pulley guard and clear bottoming feet.

Hires Option - 428kb
Tornado and the team outside the pits area at Earls Court. It's a bit more tatty now, having fought a few battles. We'd just beaten Chaos 2 when this photo was taken.

Debenham Robot Rumble - April 2001

Tornado and one of the trophies we won at Debenham 2001.

After our Audition - August 2000

Tornado and the team in Daves garden after our successful Audition.

Testing before our Audition - July 2000

This picture was taken when we were testing Tornado in the car park near our work, the day before our Series 4 Audition.

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