TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow
Design and Philosophy
Some thoughts behind Tornado

Specs and Technical info
Specs and lots of Technical
information on Tornado

Tornado Budget
How much did Tornado cost?

Kart Tyres

For Sale

Recommended Batteries
Based on realistic tests

Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to the questions we
are always being asked!

Suggested Suppliers
Ideas for where to get parts

Pneumatics Info
Details of our Series 4 system

Roboteers Tips
Some Tips for Beginners

Motors Spreadsheet
and how to use it

Event Safety Document
Information about this initiative,
and where to get hold of a copy

7 Channel Hack
How to make a 3 channel HiTec
Ranger 3S radio system into a
7 channel set

Also, our Build Diary is also a big source of information, you can read about the mistakes and choices we made.

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