TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow

Chaos 2
Team Killer Carrot
Bigger Brother
The Savage Toaster
Hassocks Hog
Project X
Lots of useful information on Pneumatics
Series 3 and 4 Champion
Thanks to these guys the Kiels were approved!
One of the most friendly teams out there
Charity event regular
One of the best comedy robots ever!
Good friends of ours and dedicated to robots
Looks like it's going to be good
New team with a unique double flipper design

General Sites
Fighting Robots Association
Robot Wars (Channel 5)
Tectonic Robot Wars UK
To promote the sport of Robotic Combat
Some information about the UK TV show
Good top ten of favourite robots
Carl and Chris's Robot Wars site

Robot Rumble
Roaming Robots
Phantom Events
Robot Crusade
The Debenham event - we've been to 4 now!
One of the best indoor arenas
The first truly mobile arena - loads of events
New owners of the Robot Wars arena
Strong spinner friendly arena

Lists of Links (Useful for finding sites not linked to here!)
Robot Contacts list
Hosted by the Bigger Brother team
US site with one of the best selection of links

Other Robots called Tornado
Swiss Tornado
A fire fighting robot

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