TORNADO - The Team with the Comedy Flying Cow
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Andrew Marchant - email Andrew
Day Job - Electroacoustic Engineer
Team Role - Captain, Driver, Designer, Welder, Webmaster
Other Hobbies - Land Rover, Hi-fi
Personal Website -

Andrew founded the team way back in January 99, whilst still at university.
David Gamble
Day Job - Electronics Engineer
Team Role - Electronics design and construction, Motor expert
Other Hobbies - Home Cinema, Storm Chasing, Tesla Coils

Dave joined the team in August 99, after another team he was working with decided not to enter. You can find some dodgy pictures of Dave at university on Adrian's Homepage.
Bryan Moss
Day Job - Mechanical Engineer
Team Role - Weaponry Designer, Machining, Transport
Other Hobbies - Land Rovers (he's building a trialler), Doctor Who and Terry Pratchett conventions, Helical Scan/Timebase video group.

Bryan's been on TV before doing Robot Wars - but dressed as a cyberman! Bryan joined the team in December 99.
The Comedy Flying Cow
Day Job - Milk production operative
Team Role - Mascot and Logo
Other Hobbies - Flight via strong swirling wind

Confused? Find out why our logo is the Comedy Flying Cow...

Honourary Team Members

Alex Slaymaker - General brainbox and avid Razer fan, we took Alex along to Robots@War with us. We regretted letting him get hold of the video camera, as we now have over 20 minutes footage of Razer - and only a few of Tornado. His video skills had improved enough for us to take him along to Robot Rumble 2000 at Debenham though.

Christian Smythe - Office comic and general mickey taker, we could never be without our Number One Fan. Chris shouts the loudest, asks all the right questions, and delights in making the weaknesses in Tornado obvious to us. With a never ending torrent of pneumatic toothpick jokes, he always suceeds in making us smile!

Previous Team Members

David Lewis - Knows how to repair tills, as he works for a till company. Thinks this would have been useful. Freely admits he only wanted to do Robot Wars to meet Philippa Forrester. Dave was removed from the team in December 99, as he hadn't contributed anything useful!

Gary Bowley - Gary is a long time friend of Andrew and Dave L from back in Kent. Gary dropped out of the team in March 99, when he saw the contract! He was to have provided our video diary, plus a basic workshop.

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